15 February 18

Creating imagery that will be flexible enough to cover all your needs is vital in retail. During a shoot, I always consider where the image will be used; is it a catalogue? A web banner? A header on an email campaign? An inset shot? There's a never ending list of places the same image could be used, that's why it's a very important point to consider. 

If an image is shot for specific dimensions, that's great - as it should work perfectly for it's intended use, but always make time to shoot some other angles, change your set slightly - so that you have some flexibily in your set of images from each shoot to fit a variety of uses. 


If you visit here regularly - you'll have seen a version of this shot used in an email last week. Although this is a bit of a cheat (as the background was just extended in photoshop) it's still a very versatile shot. The business has lots of stock of this particular Vans style - I can keep re-freshing this, by changing the position of the shoes and swapping backgrounds.

I'll be able to get a couple of seasons of use out of this shot, making it much more valuable than a shot I can use just once - it's a win, win situation!


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