02 March 18

Cropping is often an overlooked way of improving your images. It's a really quick and simple thing to do, and can really draw the viewers eye to your intended subject. I always provide shots with plenty of bleed (or extra background) for two main reasons:

- You have the flexibility to control your crop after your shoot. Have a play with different compositions within your frame, you may come across something that works better than you initially intended.

- When your imagery goes into artwork - this gives the artworker the flexibilty to move your subject around within the artwork and create space for copy or inset shots.

With the Beast from the east colliding with Storm Emma this week, we've been treated with lots of snow - so I took the opportunity to go and play in the snow with a pair of Moose - high-performance with Cosytex, from Cosyfeet. This shows a simple example of cropping and how it can help. Not only does it increase the size of my subject within the frame, I could have placed the shoes anywhere I liked while leaving it open to add copy for a homepage banner. 





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