Happy (belated) new year!

08 March 19

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and new year - I haven't posted here since December! Oops.

Still, it's been quite an interesting start to 2019 with a fair number of changes happening in my world of shooting shoes. Walktall, one of the main brands I shoot for actually closed due to difficult trading circumstances, meaning I can focus my resource in other areas of the business with Cosyfeet. I'll be shooting more for them, bringing more of the catalogue photography in-house, which should be good all round. I'll also be focusing on producing more video and animated videos for Cosyfeet now that time has been freed up.

Another exciting talking point this year has been Freedom Industries USA. Any day now, I'm expecting my first shipment of footwear to shoot for this New York (New Jersey) based clothing/fashion brand. Really excited to spread my wings over the pond and shoot for them, I'll be sure to share some of the imagery I produce on here and on my socials - keep your eyes peeled, the product range looks great!

There's one or two other little things I've been working on which have kept me busy over these early months of 2019. Actually, 2019 is a big year for me - I'm getting married in June, to Daisy - and then heading over to the US...New York, Disney World, and Tampa await over 3 weeks in July, bring on the sunshine!

Thanks, Will


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