March 2019

28 March 19

It's been a busy month – work is continuing on the Freedom Industries USA project, I'm retouching all the web photography at the moment and it's going well, I think it's looking really good and can't wait to see it all on their site.

My work with Freedom Industries USA goes to show how easy the client relationship can be, they first reached out to me around 3 weeks ago – within a few days we had agreed on a path and budget to deliver exactly what they needed to take them forward. Being based in New York (while I'm in the UK) doesn't have any drawbacks as the world is a much smaller place now. We're due to schedule some lifestyle/model days once the studio work is complete - I have some good ideas how to go about this – can't wait to get started!

Aside from IShootShoes work, I had this commission from The Metro - it was a bit of an eye opener to hear how the government are treating Pewie, I really hope it works out for her and the family she cares for.

The Photography Show was also this month, I managed to visit for a day - it was good to see some familiar faces in the industry and have a good catch up about all things photography. Whilst currently in the middle of a bit of a studio revamp, I bagged 20% off a load of TetherTools kit, a Nikon 105mm 2.8 and some other bits and bobs. All in all, it was a good day at The NEC in Birmingham.


More soon, Will


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