Capture One - Shooting into a template

Real world experience of shooting with Capture One using templates

17 July 20

Capture One is a fantastic tool for shooting product photography - it comes into it's own (in my opinion) when using it to photograph products. In product photography, the images will nearly always end up in the hands of a graphic designer to include the shots in a catalogue, magazine, web banner...the list goes on. How great would it be, it you shot your images to fit specifically into a certain space or shape, or even this trickier template like the front of an envelope.

This image does look a little odd by itself, why the big gap on the washing line? Well if you look at the second image, you'll see exactly why - this image is headed for the front of an envelope of a catalogue mailing.

During shooting, we'll flick the template on and off to track progress and make sure all the elements we want to see in the image don't cover vital elements in the template - such as the logo, mailing PPI or the address window. 

Imagine having a fantastic image of a great product that you want on the envelope, but the product is behind where the window needs to wouldn't actually see the product - so we carefully positioned these socks in the space to the right of the window, while keeping other features of the shot, such as Glastonbury Tor, away from important elements in the template. Building a shot in this way ensures you'll know exactly what you're getting when it comes to producing artwork.

When shooting like this, a small camera angle chance can make all the difference. After completing the shot for the envelope, I repositioned the camera at a different angle to make the socks comfortably fit in a web banner on the homepage of the Cosyfeet website.

The images still need a little more attention before they go to print, they'll be colour matched and I'll spend time tidying everything up so that they all look great when it lands on hundreds of thousands of doormats across the world.

Thanks, Will



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