26 February 18

Not that you'd know it this week, with the beast from the east bringing snow and freezing temperatures to the UK, but we're heading quickly towards spring. Spring/Summer 18 deliveries are turning up daily in the warehouse at the moment and the backlog of new product to get online is steadily growing as my current focus is on the quarterly Walktall Flyer. Although, I don't see sandals and flip-flops being too popular with temperatures like they currently are.

I've been flat out in the studio and have been working on this formal spread with a mix of styles from a range of brands. Each shoe was shot under the same lighting conditions, especially important when looking for consistency on a spread like this. One of the challenges I faced with this spread, is that I'm supplied with shoes of varying size, some were a UK size 13 and some an 8. I have to be careful when shooting, that the big sizes don't look out of place against the small ones - which was one of the main reasons I chose to go with a layout like this.

I like to shoot still life group shots, but for various reasons, sometimes the situation won't allow it. If you're shooting products, take time to plan ahead before you start shooting. As a college lecturer once told me - fail to prepare, prepare to fail - and that goes for all aspects of life. 


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